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Make-up primers are basically like sanding a wooden floor, they create a smooth, less porous surface onto which you can add longer lasting make-up. Win, win.

On the one hand, you've got silicone-based primers which create a smoother, more flawless feeling finish, but aren't so great for acne sufferers, whereas other face primers are formulated to be really nourishing and moisturising - great for dry skin, but perhaps not so much for oilier complexions. Quite the quandary.

'The perfect primer is one that works in harmony with your skincare and base and will elevate your complexion to look at its very best,' says bareMinerals make-up artist and ambassador, Cher Webb. 'A good primer is one that you can rely on to create a flawless canvas before your foundation goes on. Your base will look seamless, fresh and perfected when you wear the perfect primer for you. Lots of primers have skincare benefits and will nourish, hydrate and protect the skin throughout the day which will promote a gorgeous healthy glow from within.'

Whatever your skin type, finding the right primer can be a godsend, making your make-up last much longer and brightening your whole look. Check out our pick of the best make-up primers that you need in your life.


This miniature size primer is ideal for carrying in your hand luggage for that last-minute make-up application just before your flight lands. Formulated with ...for extra hydration, this is a gift for parched post-airplane skin.


Is it a highlighter? Is it a primer? Well, yes and yes, but also so much more. Charlotte Tilbury's latest secret to getting your skin but way better is a blemish blurring, pore concealing, glow-giving all in one foundation base of dreams.


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