Common ingredients in cosmetic skincare products designed to fade dark spots and address uneven skin tone include hydroquinone, kojic acid, preservatives, and fragrances. Multiple studies have questioned the safety of some of these ingredients and as a result, more and more people are becoming concerned about the potentially harmful products they apply on their skin.

InviCible is effective, safe, hypoallergenic and does not contain any controversial ingredients. It is also NOT tested on animals.

Due to its superior safety profile, InviCible has won the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and was also voted a Champion in The

Does InviCible work on all facial skin imperfections?

InviCible helps improve:

  • facial scars that are firm, raised, red or hyperpigmented (dark, purple or red)
  • dark spots
  • pigmented acne marks
  • dark marks from burns or other skin injury
  • uneven skin tone

InviCible also helps prevent hyperpigmentation after skin resurfacing procedures (please clear with your physician first before using).

We do not anticipate improvement in:

  • scars that have already healed optimally ie are just a thin, faint line, normal skin color and as soft as the surrounding skin
  • scars that are lighter than the surrounding skin, ie InviCible will not darken scars that are too light
  • freckles
  • white scars

Will InviCible irritate my sensitive skin?

There have been no reports of skin irritation or allergy. InviCible is hypoallergenic, so skin irritation is very unlikely. You may however experience a stinging sensation that is a normal reaction to the vitamin C complex.

Does InviCible sting?

InviCible’s vitamin C complex can create a stinging sensation in most people. This is normal and means the cream is working. Any stinging stops quickly. Do not apply InviCible to open wounds.

What makes InviCible unique?

InviCible’s formulation is sophisticated. It is difficult to stabilize hydrous and anhydrous forms of Vitamin C in creams. Creating a hypoallergenic cream without preservatives makes the process even more complex. InviCible is also the only scar treatment containing ProBiosyn-4™, an all-natural scar-minimizing complex. InviCible’s formulation required years of research and the highest quality ingredients.

Has InviCible been tested on animals?

No. Never has, never will.

Will InviCible stop my facial scar itching?

InviCible Scars may indeed help with the sensitivity and itching. However, if you are not trying to improve the appearance or texture of your scar, we recommend you consider trying a topical steroid preparation like 1% hydrocortisone cream first – this is more likely to decrease itching and is much less expensive.

Are there any undisclosed ingredients in InviCible?

No. InviCible contains two types of vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and L-ascorbic acid), silicone (Dimethicone), and ProBiosyn-4. Nothing else. InviCible contains only safe ingredients that have been shown to improve scar healing.

Can I use InviCible on my children?

Yes, if they are over 2 years of age. However, the vitamin C complex may sting and be too uncomfortable for young children. We recommend you contact your child’s pediatrician prior to using any scar products on your child.

How fast will I see results?

If you use InviCible as recommended, you should start to see results within 12 weeks.

Are the results permanent?


Does InviCible stain clothes?

You may see a mild discoloration of white clothing after direct and prolonged contact with InviCible.

Can I use my regular skincare regimen, make-up or sun block over InviCible?

Yes. InviCible is a medicated foundation primer. You can apply foundation, make-up, sun block, or any other skincare regimen over InviCible. Sun exposure can increase the redness/pigmentation of fresh scars, so we strongly encourage the use of sun block on top if you are using InviCible as a treatment for facial scarring.

What is STABILIZED Vitamin C?

When vitamin C is stabilized and in a high enough concentration, it can prevent discoloration by slowing the production of pigment-producing cells and stimulating collagen.

What is the highest % of Vitamin C in a product?

17% Vitamin C is the highest concentration you can have in a beauty product, according to Dr. C.

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