Invicible Skincare

Dr. Minas Chrysopoulo ("Dr. C") the founder of InviCible Skincare designed our original formula to heal breastcancer survivors' post - surgical scars. Patients required the highest safety profile in a cream.

Doesn't everyone deserve that same quality safety in their skincare?

Dr. C thinks so!

InviCible Skincare’s Mission

Doesn't everybody deserve the best quality in their skincare? Dr. C thinks so.


Dr. C originally developed InviCible as a post-surgical scar treatment for breast cancer survivors.

Through patient feedback, he learned that our original scar treatment formula had additional rejuvenating benefits when used on the face.

The silky sheer lotion instantly smoothed the texture of their complexions with a blur effect. This created an invisible canvas for flawless application and extended wear of foundation and make-up.

Patients also reported they could use it under any daily skincare regimen and many even used it as their only daily product. InviCible Primer+™ was born!

Considering the necessary high safety profile required for patients after a cancer diagnosis and treatment, all InviCible Skincare products contain only the highest quality, safe, ethically-sourced, and effective ingredients. Dr. C believes everyone deserves the same high quality and safety in their skincare.

Dr. C’s areas of special interest include skincare safety, state-of-the-art breast reconstruction, maximizing aesthetic outcomes after breast cancer surgery, restoring sensation after mastectomy, and scar healing. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is also an active member in the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the American Society for Reconstructive Microsurgery (ASRM), and the Plastic Surgery Education Foundation (PSEF).

"Skincare safety is another area of strong interest for me, particularly for cancer survivors. Considering the high safety profile required for patients after a cancer diagnosis and treatment, I created InviCible Skincare to ensure my patients have access to the highest quality, safe, effective, and ethically-sourced ingredients. I believe everyone deserves the same high quality and safety in their skincare."

Dr. C has authored and co-authored several book chapters and scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, has been an expert speaker at national and international academic meetings, and has served on several ASPS educational committees.

The media routinely features Dr. C as an “expert guest” for his contributions to plastic surgery and patient advocacy.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr. C has amassed numerous professional awards including America's Top Surgeons and multiple Doctors' Choice Awards for Plastic Surgery. He and his team were also honored to receive the San Antonio Business Journal's Health Care Heroes Award for innovation in medical technology.


Every month is the same....BREAST CANCER AWARENESS ....not just in October!

InviCible continues to support and bring awareness to organizations meaningful to our stakeholders (that’s you, that’s us). Our program has is donating 10% of profits for our non-profit partners and other community breast cancer initiatives.

What Our Customers Love!

It works! A little goes a long way

It is another investment in your skin that is worth every penny! ~ RLB

Feels amazing on skin

Satin smooth finish on face. Lightweight and amazing. ~ Jessica

Bumps and Red Spots

I wanted to see what my wife’s InviCible treatment cream would do to my ingrown hair problem… I now use it all the time. I’m not one to go on about products, but the stuff’s amazing. The bumps and the red spots go away in a day or two, instead of taking 4 or 5 days to heal. ~ Ulrich S

My age spots are fading!

I’ve been using this as a primer for my make up and it is reducing my age spots and discoloration. I love this cream! It’s affordable but high quality. It feels like silk on my face. I also have very sensitive skin and have had no side effects! Will be ordering again and again! ~ Micah A. Arrott

 Dark Spots

After dealing with acne for years I was left with dark spots on my chin. I heard about InviCible from a friend and decided to try it. It’s amazing!! After just a few days I noticed my spots were fading. InviCible is a great product. Not only does it work wonders, it feels great on my skin. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to improve their complexion. ~ Amanda M.

 Amazing brown spot cream

InviCible is an amazing brown spot cream!! I had brown spots on my cheeks from acne. I tried several creams on and nothing seemed to fade the spots until I tried InviCible. It started working after just a few days! Now, I use it every day under my makeup. ~ Rachel G.

Please keep in mind that results may vary with Boom. While testimonials come from our customers, they do not guarantee specific results.

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