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InviCible Primer+™ & Dark Spot Corrector

This Luxurious formula features 17% stabilized Vitamin C to diminish dark spots, provide anti-aging benefits, and create an overall smoother appearance.

Designed to rejuvenate your complexion, this moisturizing primer illuminates the skin while effortlessly controlling uneven tone, prepping your face for a flawless matte finish.


InviCible Advanced Scar & Discoloration Therapy

Formulated with a clinical-grade formula, this gentle yet potent treatment diminishes the appearance of facial scars, acne marks, dark scars, surgical scars, and other hyperpigmented blemishes.

designed for use on the face but versatile enough for the entire body, our hypoallergenic formulation ensures safe and effective results.


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Dr. C originally developed InviCible Skincare as a post-surgical scar treatment for breast cancer survivors.

Patient feedback revealed that beyond its intended purpose, the formula had additional rejuvenating benefits, particularly for facial skin.

The silky sheer lotion instantly smoothed complexion texture, acting almost like a blur effect. This dual action not only created an invisible canvas for flawless makeup application but also extended the wear of foundation and other cosmetics.

Patients found it versatile enough to
use under any daily skincare regimen, with many opting to make it their sole daily product. Thus, InviCible Primer+™ was born!

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