InviCible Advanced Scar & Discoloration Therapy


Common ingredients in cosmetic skincare products designed to fade abnormal dark skin lesions, including dark scars, include hydroquinone and kojic acid. Most skincare products also contain preservatives (such as parabens) and fragrances. Multiple studies have questioned the safety of these ingredients, and as a result, more and more people are concerned about the potentially harmful products they apply to their skin.

InviCible Scars is effective, safe, hypoallergenic and does not contain any of these ingredients. It is also 100% vegan and is NOT tested on animals.

Due to its superior safety profile, InviCible Scars has won the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval and can be safely used on children.

Does InviCible InviCible Scars work on all types of scar?

InviCible Scars helps improve:

  • scars that are firm or raised
  • dark scars (brown, purple, or red)
  • dark acne marks
  • dark marks from burns or other skin injuries

We do not anticipate improvement in:

  • scars that have already healed optimally ie are just a thin, faint line, normal skin color, and as soft as the surrounding skin
  • scars that are white or lighter than the surrounding skin, i.e. InviCible Scar cream will not darken scars that are too light

InviCible Scars works best on facial scars but may also be used for scarring on other parts of the body. InviCible Scars won’t lighten natural skin tone (color). 

Will your scar cream help my acne scars?

There are different types of acne scars. InviCible Scars helps improve pigmented acne marks that are flat or slightly raised that are left behind after an acne spot has healed. Our product will not "fill in" deep acne scars (eg pitted or "ice-pick" scars"). 

Will InviCible Scars irritate my sensitive skin?

There have been no reports of skin irritation or allergy. InviCible Scars is hypoallergenic, so skin irritation is very unlikely. You may, however experience a slight stinging sensation that is a normal reaction to our dual vitamin C complex. Our scar therapy also contains medical-grade dimethicone silicone which is a non-comedogenic skin protectant. 

Does InviCible Scars sting?

Our 17% vitamin C complex can create a stinging sensation in some people. This is normal and means the cream is working. Any stinging stops quickly. Do not apply InviCible Scars to open wounds or near the eyes.

What makes your scar cream unique?

InviCible Scar’s formulation is very sophisticated. It is very difficult to stabilize hydrous and anhydrous forms of Vitamin C in creams. Creating a hypoallergenic cream without preservatives makes the process even more complex. InviCible Scars is also the only skin treatment containing ProBiosyn-4™, an all-natural anti-aging, anti-inflammatory complex. InviCible Primer+’s formulation required years of research and uses only the highest quality ingredients.

Has InviCible Scars been tested on animals?

No. Never has, never will.

Will InviCible Scars stop my facial scar itching?

InviCible Scars can indeed help with the sensitivity and itching of scars because it contains medical-grade dimethicone silicone. 

Are there any undisclosed ingredients in your skincare products?

No. InviCible Scars contains two types of vitamin C (tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate and L-ascorbic acid), silicone (Dimethicone), and ProBiosyn-4. Nothing else. InviCible Scars contains only safe ingredients that have been shown to improve scar healing.

Can I use your scar cream on my child's scar?

Yes, if they are over 2 years of age. However, the vitamin C complex may sting a little on initial application which could be uncomfortable for young children. We recommend you contact your child’s pediatrician prior to using any scar products on your child.

How fast will I see results?

If you use InviCible Scars as recommended, you should start to see results within 12 weeks of continued use.

Are the results permanent?

Yes. However, scars can continue to darken over time on exposure to sunlight. We therefore recommend continued use of sunblock on any scar to prevent permanent hyperpigmentation. 

Does InviCible Scars stain clothes?

You may see a mild discoloration of white clothing after direct and prolonged contact

Can I use my regular skincare regimen, make-up or sunblock over InviCible Scars?

Yes. You can apply foundation, make-up, sunblock, or any other skincare regimen over InviCible Scars. Sun exposure can increase the redness/pigmentation of fresh scars, so we strongly encourage adding sunblock on top if you are using InviCible Scars as a treatment for facial scarring.

What is STABILIZED Vitamin C?

When vitamin C is stabilized and in a high enough concentration, it can prevent and improve abnormal skin discoloration by slowing the production of pigment-producing cells. It also stimulates the production of new collagen in your skin and helps improve the alignment of collagen fibers as skin heals after injury. Unfortunately, many forms of vitamin C are unstable and oxidize over time on exposure to air. Oxidized vitamin C loses its effect completely. Oxidized vitamin C also turns a brown color, which is why many other vitamin C products are colored brown to begin with to disguise this vitamin C oxidation. InviCible Primer+ is white so our users know they are getting ongoing, full benefit from our 17% stable vitamin C complex which won't oxidize.

What is the highest % of Vitamin C in a product?

17% Vitamin C is one of the highest concentrations of vitamin C available in skincare product.

How long before I see results?

Use twice a day and you will start to see results in three to six weeks. Everyone's skin is a little different so some of our customers begin to see results earlier and others, for darker scars, need a little longer. 

Will InviCible Scars help with a sunken scar?

No. It won’t “fill in” any sunken scars (eg pitted acne scars)

Does it speed up healing of fresh scars?

Our scar treatment helps improve scars after initial skin healing. Surgical incisions must be fully healed before applying InviCible Scars. Do not apply to open areas, scabbing or raw skin.


In summary, here are the benefits of using InviCible Scars: 

1) helps fade, flatten and soften facial scars that are raised or firm.

2) helps fade dark facial scars and hyperpigmented acne marks.

3) can be used under make-up, sunblock, or any other skincare product. 

4) hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic 

5) anti-inflammatory skin protectant 




It does NOT help:

1) scars that are already soft, flat, and pliable like the normal surrounding skin

2) scars that are white

3) deep skin lesions (eg pitted acne scars)