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"Saw a difference after the 2nd time I applied it my 5 surgery scars... look lighter, faded extremely happy about that since they are on my belly" 

CLINICAL GRADE FORMULA diminishes the appearance of facial scars, acne marks, dark scars, surgical scars, and other hyperpigmented blemishes. Our gentle, hypoallergenic formulation was specifically designed for the face but can also be used on the rest of your body!


InviCible Advanced Scar & Discoloration Therapy can be used alone or under any other daily skincare regimen.

Our formula features the only two ingredients your scars need to look their very best – the powerhouse combination of medical-grade dimethicone silicone and stabilized Vitamin C.

Silicone is the gold standard topical treatment for scars. It helps flatten, soften, and fade any problem scar while protecting the skin and locking in the moisture needed for healing.

Vitamin C accelerates healing by stimulating collagen and elastin, resulting in faster visible results.

InviCible Advanced Scar & Discoloration Therapy led the way as our original product. This effective post-surgical scar treatment was safe for patients diagnosed with breast cancer and designed to be used on all skin types. 

  • All InviCible Skincare products are non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic.
  • Our skincare does not contain common skin irritants like preservatives and fragrances, so it is far less likely than most other skincare products to cause irritation or breakouts.
  • InviCible products do not contain hydroquinone or kojic acid. We never test on animals.